​The statistics are in. Investors are putting more weight on issuer ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices.

Today's investors are more focused on issuer ESG risks and opportunities than ever before. Consequently, there's been a surge of activity – in ESG reporting standards and frameworks, data providers, aggregators and ESG ratings. The benchmarks are under constant development and continually changing, and it can be challenging to keep it all straight, and know exactly what matters for your specific company and sector.

But now more than ever companies need to know what's important to their shareholder base, have robust ESG frameworks in place and provide transparent reporting.

We've researched the ESG policies and practices of 400 of the largest global institutional asset managers and owners, and the overwhelming majority (90%) disclosed using and integrating ESG considerations in their investment/stewardship activities.


countries covered

321 out of 400

investors show evidence
of ESG integration


ESG variables gathered
and analzed


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