Georgeson, a leading global shareholder engagement and corporate governance advisory firm, has launched a global ESG Advisory Service to help companies improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies.

Georgeson’s new service offering will provide companies and their boards with both the insight and tools to understand their own unique ESG landscape, establish or advance their ESG practices and communicate effectively with investors.

The launch coincides with increased investor focus on ESG matters, with recent reports from Georgeson showing a record-breaking number of ESG proposals during the 2021 AGM season in the US and significant shareholder dissent in Europe over director elections, remuneration and share issuances.

“The 2021 proxy season in the US and Europe highlighted how focused investors have become on ESG concerns – and how companies must increasingly focus on aligning their ESG strategies with shareholder demands and expectations,” said Cas Sydorowitz, Global CEO of Georgeson.

“Investors are demanding change, including better and more comprehensive ESG reporting as well as greater transparency and director accountability.

“Georgeson is an established global expert on corporate governance advisory matters and our dedicated global ESG service will help clients meet rapidly evolving investor, market and regulatory expectations.”

Georgeson’s new ESG Advisory Service offers:

  • Strategy, implementation and shareholder engagement programs
  • Peer analysis and benchmarking against ESG standards and frameworks such as TCFD and SASB
  • Guidance with rating agencies and ESG scores such as MSCI and Sustainalytics
  • ESG reporting, education and training for directors and management
  • Investor profiling and roadshows specifically focused on ESG

Georgeson has expanded its global team to include expertise in supply chain management, equity research and asset stewardship to cover the spectrum of Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

Georgeson says its clients can benefit from its global expertise and presence while also having access to a local team.

More information on Georgeson’s ESG practice is available at: