​Our knowledge goes beyond understanding to insight

We make it our business to know your shareholders so you can understand their voting policies and views on key issues. We can:

  • Segment and analyze your institutional investor base to identify whether investors are likely to follow a proxy advisory firm recommendation or in-house voting guidelines​
  • Determine which investors are active and passive as well as offer strategies to engage both groups
  • Profile your shareholders so you know how they're likely to vote on particular topics
  • Predict how much support a proposal can expect to receive based on empirical data, historical voting trends and in-depth knowledge of retail shareholder behavior and in​stitutional voting policies

We optimize strategies using feedback received from shareholders during the solicitation campaign. Armed with this intelligence, we can create and deliver an effective and targeted solicitation and strategic communications campaign tailored to meet your specific needs.

Shareholder engagement in the age of activism

Public companies are engaging with their shareholders on governance and other business-related topics on an increasing basis. Particularly for the largest companies, shareholder engagement has expanded beyond the proxy season and become a year-round strategic endeavor.

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